Summer breeze…

In all actuality its not summer and Geno isn’t done with school yet, but today I got a glimpse of what our days could look like and now I and in


So much has happened and so much WILL happen in the not so distant future I begin to realize a few things:

  1. my babies aren’t so little any more. It makes me what to go on adventures and forget about formalities, BE SONTANOUS! I feel the necessity to spend every waking moment I can with them just so I can have those lasting memories for years to come.
  2. I am SO much more older and much more wiser than I was last year. I don’t know about you but I am beginning to care less about what people think and more about what makes me and my family happy. I don’t stare endlessly at paint colors because I don’t know which is ‘proper‘ to use in a dinning vs. living room. I find myself doing things a bit slower and over the course of time and not pressuring myself to get it done. The house is messy and cluttered but it smells nice and we were busy making memories over the weekend so things sit.
  3.  save your carbs for days like this:
    days off = sprinkler, sun drying, and ice cream sundaes.

    4. God is large and in charge and even though at times we don’t see him doesn’t mean he’s NOT there. I’ve struggled with this recently because things were happening to us, we kept getting sick, jobs were hard, things were just breaking in our home one right after another and I’m not talking about little things, i mean like washing machines, and computers, cars, electricity and we couldn’t make it stop and didn’t know what to do or where to go. We were lost. we were hopeless. we felt as if we were doing something wrong. I felt alone and abandoned by the one person I look to the most, my Daddy in heaven. We’ve pressed on and scrambled to keep things together and kept praying because it was the only thing we knew how to do when all hell breaks loose.

    and then one day in the car, I broke down. I cried out and asked my Poppa God if he remembered me. If he even still cared and that I’d like some help. Then in the gentlest most loving voice, almost as if he was crying too he said,

    “I love you and I see you and I’m right here and I never left.” 

    BOOM! in a instant I felt I had clarity things were instantly put in perspective.

  4. Don’t let your problems get so big that they shadow our God. when you keep your focus on your problems you don’t see anything BUT your problems and God might be working on your behalf but you are to worried to notice. He needs to be the forefront of your focus not the background.

man.. when did this blog become so heavy and deep! 4c9fce04f3693f3acd252eee0cde58d2ps. I am aware I’ve missed like 2 weeks.

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