last day of school

I couldn’t be more proud of the little man Geno has become. He has grown so much in this past year I’m excited to see him grow more because it can only get better from here.

I don’t believe he knows how valuable a summer vacation actually is. He hasn’t really experience the stress of school yet to really appreciate it. there are some things I don’t wish for him to experience yet.

and that’s okay…as I think out loud….

I tend to lean towards the “let them be little” for as long as possible side of life.


I’m sure a lot of my older and wiser women in my life can attest to the fact that it goes so quickly. I’m trying my hardest to remember everything and to slow things down and to try and make the memories that actually count.

I’ve learned a while ago..

that its NOT the memories YOU MAKE happen that are the ones that count, its the ones that JUST HAPPEN that they remember and cherish for the rest of their lives.



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