summer schedule

I never envisioned myself as a working mom and when it comes to mom and working in the same sentence I actually hate it. in fact I quit my teaching position the month before Geno was born and just started working again within the last year and a half.

I don’t have a career mom bone in my body. Its just NOT in me to miss helping out at school or making my kids wake up so early just so I can get to work.

but I’ve had the absolute pleasure to come along side some dear friends and help jump start and make their dreams a reality in running their own business and its been such a rewarding, patience testing, learning experience in more ways than one.

Sadly my job is coming to an end and I’ve found that I have SO much time on my hands now. I found that my body has gotten use to having something to do at least 3 days and that my body doesn’t know what to do with itself when I don’t have something to do when i have more than 3 days off.

however, staying home with my babies will NEVER get old.

this schedule helps both of us. 20170528_142658


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