The mind of a child

Geno proclaimed to me in the car today that he doesn’t ever want to grow up. (( to buddy its a trap)

I’m okay with him thinking that because little does he know, he is ‘growing up’ in more ways than he thinks.

10 MINS earlier..

Getting INTO the car. We find this little honey bee crawling along our driveway and honestly my first reaction is “KILL IT! KILL IT! STEP ON IT!! GET IT! QUICK!!” mainly because my body tends to have a bad reaction to stings and bites and I didn’t want to deal with that today. (in short i’m allergic)

Geno’s first reaction was this:20170616_082021how beautiful. seriously.

this kid puts me to shame.

the conversation after goes thusly-

Geno,” mom, I picked him a flower because he needs pollen to fly. will he be okay?”

Me, “I’m sure he’ll be alright, buddy, maybe he’s lost or maybe he’s cold and needs to warm up his wings.”

cue the pull on the heart strings!

I don’t think Geno realizes how ‘grown up’ he acted just in that moment.  All I can say is please Lord, let me see more of your goodness

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