so customary or routine as to be expected of everyone or on every occasion.

Why did I just state the meaning of obligatory? Cause I’m about to write a blog entry about father’s day.

As everyone states their husbands or their dads are the best there is out there and their children are very lucky to have them in their lives. It kind of does get old after the 100th Facebook status you read.

On the other hand. I am so happy to hear that their are so many good men in the world teaching good values to their kids. Mine is not any different.

Where is Facebook is mostly filled with happy people and happy relationships you never see the work behind the scenes of how that happy person came to be or how that blissful relationship almost fell apart a year ago.

No man is perfect and no woman is perfect and when we can all accept that and work together in lifting each other up to be the best we can all be great things get accomplished.

Jonathan worked hard to be the dad and the husband he is today. He put in the long hours and the sleepless nights and I’m sure if you ask him he’d tell you “God’s still working on me.”

Or actually he might say (if you know Jonathan),

“What are you talking about I’m perfect!

His favorite line is:

“nobody is perfect and I am a nobody therefore I am perfect.”

So from the bottom of my heart


to all the dad’s out there who work hard at becoming the best possible YOU, you can be.

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