the ‘church’

Geno had VBS this week. Today was the parents day where, parents get to come and see what the kids learned.

the staff at the church were amazing and they did a fantastic job this year, at the Maker Fun Factory. The kids raised over $2,000 for food for the people in Haiti. $2,000 in one week! that’s insane to me.

it got me thinking….

this little neighborhood church isn’t the one I grew up in and the one I attend, but I am SO grateful for it and its Pastor and its staff. They welcomed ALL kids and loved on them unconditionally for one week out of the summer.

Yes they shared Jesus with them, but more importantly they LOVED. they showed love, they showed respect, they fostered imagination. I feel more places and more people need to do this. The world needs more places like the neighborhood church.

pray. Pray for those church buildings no matter what ‘religion’ it is. Inside there are people trying to show the world that there is HOPE.


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