…………… only exists in Jesus Christ.

I’ve been learning this a lot this year so far. Anything outside of Jesus himself isn’t going to be perfect. I’ve learned to accept this and maintain my joy despite circumstances.

so our Family Fun Friday usually happens on Saturday. We decided to go fishing. here’s why it wasn’t perfect:IMG_20170624_155817_300

  1. We wanted to go to Erie. It  was calling for rain in Erie.
  2. Every body of water was murky, muddy, and very high due to the rain we had all week. Not good fishing conditions
  3. Ella pants were soaked and muddy from dumping water and sitting in the mud.
  4. we didn’t catch anything


now here’s why I didn’t care and STILL had JOY despite the circumstances.

  1. I was with my family. Spending precious time with them.
  2. the kids were laughing and giggling, exploring and playing so nicely.
  3. I got to fish. Jonathan got to fish. Its what we love doing and we love doing it together.

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