‘Mercia’s birthday is just around the corner. I began thinking about freedom. You heard a lot of people say, “freedom isn’t free.”

I totally agree with that. I’ve only been on this earth for 29 turns, but I’ve figured out that someone somewhere has paid something so you can be free.

  A lot of people are taking that for granted.

Doing stupid things or saying stupid stuff isn’t a way of saying ‘thank you’ to those 20170703_175203who’ve paid, its a slap in the face. I’m sure those who have paid the ultimate price (they died in case you are slow on the uptake) are rolling in their graves every time some one uses the term “freedom of speech” to degrade and disrespect someone or even this very country.

on that note, are you truly even free if you have to say something to hurt someone else?

Jesus paid THE price. It was documented so many times by so many people. He paid the price so we could be free. He died and stood in the judgement seat FOR us and took our punishment when we did wrong and every time after.

we can walk free.

Some people believe that Jesus was just a man who had followers. He wasn’t God and wasn’t really anything special. I’ve known from past experiences that there is a God and Jesus wasn’t just a man, but even if I was unsure I’d like to err on the side of I would rather not find out there is a place called hell when I die if its anything like what people describe.

…..that’s probably terrible to think.

I think some don’t know or even understand what it means to be free. I might be including myself on this one. Do we know what true freedom really looks like? Do we understand and have we really experienced what it means to be totally FREE?


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