During worship today the Lord gave me this amazing picture that brought tears to my eyes. I thought others could benefit from it.

We started singing, “when you walk into the room” and I thought,

“I don’t know about others, but when Jesus walks into the room my first reaction is to kneel and He places his hand lovingly on the top of my head, Jesus recognizes my response because he knows He is King, He is Lord, but then he bends down and lifts my face and looks me straight in the eye. He grabs my hands and helps me to my feet because a good King doesn’t spend all day on his throne.

A good King is knee deep in the lives of his people. He walks around knowing which houses are struggling and which houses are enjoying a good harvest. A good King is leading the battle. He’s on the front lines of the battle field giving direction and fighting with his brothers. When he yells “CHARGE!!” He’s the first to run out against the enemy.

In keeping with this picture, there’s a call to action.

I have made up my mind long ago and I have “pledged my allegiance” to the One True King, Jesus. I have made him my Lord over my life.

Have you?

Have you REALLY given your life over to the King? Have you given ALL of it or are you keeping some of it to yourself?

Because He is God, he’s able to be so much more than just a King. When I’m lonely, He’s my friend, when I’m sad He’s my comforter, When I don’t know where to go He’s my compass, When I need some love, He’s my daddy.

that also sets Him apart from all the rest.




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