what would you do-O-oo

Not having internet for basically an entire day set me back for the week. I rather not think that I have such a dependency on the internet, but I probably do.

I don’t even remember where I was going with that. PAH!

N-E-ways, This new season has me trying to figure out where I fit in and what I should do.

I love being at home with my kids and the summer has been great for them so far. I have so many things planed for them to do I’m so excited!

the water in the pool from Water fun Wednesday looked so inviting.


however there’s next to nothing on the internet for SAHMs who aren’t mobile. There’s hardly anything at all out there for inspiration that I can do myself to occupy MY OWN TIME without driving somewhere.

the little voice in my head keeps telling me its not out there cause its all in here still. (points to my head)

I’ve even was thinking there’s got to be a cool name I can come up with.

NON-Mobile SAHM *twinkle* twinkle*

its a work in progress.

I don’t believe, I’m the first mom who doesn’t have transportation who doesn’t know what to do with the 9+ hours of her day.

Here’s what I feel compelled to do with a portion of my day:

  • make something and possibly auction it off.
  • exercise20170712_182643
  • create and design a help guide for NON-mobile SAHMs – (complete with fancy planner and schedule)
  • blog- possibly learn how to make money from it.

Here’s what is built into my being:

  • clean
  • take care of the kids
  • spend time outside
  • daily devotional
  • dream


any suggestions hit the comment button below

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