define yourself

I have been getting quite a lot of compliments on how good I look lately and how much weight I’ve lost. Its flattering, really, and it kind of embarrasses me.

Its also attention that I was never comfortable getting and I don’t know if it will ever be comfortable for me. I didn’t embark on this quest to attain praise from others. 20170714_152805

Honestly, I have no idea why I decided to go low carb and lose weight. I’ve said this before. I always felt good in my skin it seriously didn’t matter to me what the scale or pictures of me said. When I looked into a mirror I saw beauty. I really did. I didn’t think I needed to change.

I did anyways.

and boy it was hard and still is hard. I’ve added daily exercise and I’ve never sweated so much in my life and there are days where I hurt and where I feel like poop. For some, things come easy for others well, they don’t.

its the latter for me.

I’ve still got a long ways to go before I hit my goal and I tell people that when they compliment me. (and then i slap myself)  because there are times where I need to step back and just let people compliment me and just be gracious and thankful. we all do, don’t we?

You can really get into a bad place of not being satisfied and nothing not ever being good enough especially when it comes to weight loss. Your mind can get into some very dark places that is very unhealthy.

why do I say all this. I felt compelled to encourage someone who might be stuck. There’s some one out there who needs to hear, its hard but push through it anyways. Don’t stop and Don’t beat yourself up if one day you slip. Its not about how many times you slip and fall its about how many times you get back up. and if you keep getting back up then you’ve already won.

“you are altogether beautiful my darling; there is no flaw in you.”

song of songs 4:7

3 thoughts on “define yourself”

  1. You’re doing so well Diana! I know for me eating low carb leaves me feeling so much better. As we age our bodies need a little more help to feel comfortable in our skin. Losing the weight is like the cream cheese icing on the low carb coconut flour cake!

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