what does God say

I don’t believe every Monday is going to start out me writing what God showed me during worship on Sunday, but yesterday before service I purposefully left a space in my notebook title:

[WORshiP] (with a little box around it)

and proceeded to wait on God during worship to show me something.

 First off lets stop right there. If you are amazed when God speaks to people and seem to have ‘trouble’ hearing from him. I encourage you to PURPOSEFULLY “leave a space” in your day to hear from Him then EXPECT Him to say something or show you something. It never has to be something so fabulous that it puts the Pope to shame. Usually if you are just learning He’ll show you or tell you something that’s right at your level.

(I have so many stories about this very thing its crazy, one involves God speaking to Geno, YES Geno!)


God took me to place where the mountains ran together and trees upon trees dotted its  rocky slopes. These mountains were so vast and so huge they had snow at the very top. The air was crisp and it was windy so my hair blew all over the place. The trees were green and so bunched together you couldn’t see where one tree started and another one ended.

when you looked out you saw wilderness as I took in this breath taking view I waited for God to explain. It wasn’t until we sand the next song that I understood the picture.

we started singing this song, such a simple song, simple lyrics.

“Even in the wilderness, through confusion and barrenness
You are beautiful God……

Deserts will bloom in the light of your love
Valleys make room for the river of God …”

If you think about the places on this planet that to us are harsh environments, the wilderness, the desert, the deepest trench in the ocean,  the coldest place of the colds.

whispers……there is still LIFE.


there are still things living there! Animals, plants there are living creatures still living in these places that we struggle to understand how this can be!

that ‘s what having God in your life does. PEOPLE! He gives you life. HE IS your source of life, especially when you are going through ‘wilderness, tunnels, storms, confusion, dry periods,’ YOU NAME IT! He is THE life.

amazing huh?

Always our hope. There’s always hope.

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