You are Still Good

It hard when someone you know dies.

its even hard when its someone you had a history with and share memories of.

its almost devastating when its someone you’ve loved. (oh boy here comes the water works)

My family has lost, yet again, someone we loved.

My family are a bunch of hard heads, sailor mouthed, drama queens and kings. But they love each other with such ferocity and underneath tough skins are a sensitive, romantic bunch of saps.

we love the simple pleasures in life like GOOD food and we love to spend time with each other even though we don’t do it a whole lot any more we enjoy it when we can.

{Honesty time:}

I fully expected Bruce to kick this illness, this sickness, like a bad habit because Bruce was strong and bull headed just like the rest of us. I figured he’d just flatten and pin whatever was kicking his but to the ground in the next round, but alas maybe, this was one opponent  even he couldn’t defeat? I don’t know…..

when someone dies we are left with SO MANY UNANSWERED QUESTIONS. It confuses the hell out of me and we end up shaking our fist towards the sky at God. I don’t blame God, I don’t believe he chooses to ‘take’ any one away because he gave us all free will and no before you think anything….I don’t believe my cousin chose to die, but our bodies are weak vessels- we bleed when paper cuts us and he was fighting SO hard and fast that his body didn’t have it in it. Bruce’s will was the one thing that I believe out lasted everything. He passed away fighting.


if you’re wondering why i’ve been using wrestling metaphors

As I write this I picture his face. His smile. MAN! He had a good one. It wasn’t a 40 watt smile it was a 100 watt smile!  He had a great hug too. It truly was a bear hug he wrap his arms around you and squeezed, maybe a little too tight but it was only because he was happy to see you. His dad had a hug like that, now that I think about it.

My hope still lies with God. The creator of the universe and the perfecter of my faith (Hebrews 12:2)  I chose to give Him my grief and mourn for my cousin in the arms of my Father. (bawl like a little baby more like it.)


One thought on “You are Still Good”

  1. Awww. I didn’t know Bruce but I’m sorry for your heart ache! 😦 Reminded of the quote that it’s better to have loved than to not love at all…something like that. Even though pain is involved. Sending a big cuddle to you, friend!!!!


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