there’s a first time for everything

we went to Idle Wild and Soak Zone this past week. My brother- in- law had a dream to take Geno and Ella there and it finally happened. I was so graciously able to tag along.

it was my first time there!

Storybook forest

yes I know shocking. according to some. 20170718_192446

even more importantly the kids had the time of their lives and Geno was so brave but also so little. He told himself he was going to try some of the water slides with uncle tim only to find out he was to little to go on them. poor kid. sorry your father and I gave you the short genes.

it hasn’t really changed much over the years. They still have a lot of the old attractions they did when they first opened.

our favorite was the ball pit. THEY STILL HAVE BALL PITS, PEOPLE!

I would recommend going if only to spend the day in the lazy river. that was seriously my favorite and the kids loved it too. there’s a ‘beach’ area at first then you wade into the 2 ft the river portion and just float there all day. Ella likes running in and out of the water and I believe that’s where she learned to ‘swim’ cause now she goes by herself and I don’t have to hold her.

it was also the first time I went down a water slide (not counting the little dinky one at Scott pool) AND my first time at a wave pool. Same with Geno.

the water slide was pretty awesome the wave pool- not so much.

Geno thought he was going to died and had a death grip on me. He did enjoy it out in the swallower end but the deeper 3ft was a no go. a memory I will probably share and chuckle at for the rest of my life.

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