all because two people fell in love

It all started, well honestly I can’t even remember when it ALL started, but my dreams came true on August 26, 2007 when you sang me a song and asked me to be your wife. 11 months later on July 26, 2008, you sang another song, my daddy kissed my cheek and let 007 (2)me go to join you in marriage in front of our family, church family, and friends.

that was 9 years ago. Its amazing what you can accomplish in 9 years.

We have a wonderful home. 2 beautiful kids. 1 annoying dog.

We worked hard to get here. 9 years didn’t fly by with out no one putting work into it. We figured out a long time ago, probably day two in our marriage, that we won’t always agree and at times we BOTH probably will act childish.

I use to ask Jonathan “how old are you?” when we were upset with each other and of course his come back was always, “2!” (in toddler voice) At one point you had a birthday without me knowing and it became “3!” (not much difference)002

I recently asked an older gentlemen who had numerous years of marriage to his bride what the secret was and he told me was, “never let the sun go down on your anger.”(ephesians 4:26) which of course, growing up in the church I’ve heard this so many times.

but you know.

its SO true.

Don’t go to bed angry at each other.

I can hear your eyes rolling. Every one has the same old spiel about marriage. they always empathize working through the fights and disagreements and the “DOWNS” of the UPS and DOWNS.

You want to know why? marriages, relationships, friendships  whatever- they don’t end and fail because of the happy times. they end because of the bad times, the fights, and disagreements, the DOWNS. 003 (2)One thing that I’ve learned is be the one who says sorry first. EVEN if its not even your fault! (that’s a hard thing to do) Saying sorry to some one isn’t admitting defeat, its opening the door for both of you to talk about what just happen and both sides to start reconciling. (and if you value the other person you’ll do this.)

Another thing I’ve learned through 9 years of marriage is do the stuff you both loved doing when you were first in love. For me it brings so many amazing feelings and memories back that I can’t help but be in awe and fall in love with him all over again. Those things help to recharge your marriage battery. If you don’t do these things your battery is going to died.

N E WAYS- I went through some of my old pictures and found some good pictures. this one is probably one of my favorites and its NOT of me and Jonathan.

My mom and dad on their wedding day with Pastor Dudley.

of course I always dreamed to be married in my church by Pastor Dudley but alas that wasn’t in the cards. Instead we got his son, Pastor Chris. (he’ll do…I guess… teeehee… love you pastor!)

005 (2)
you may now kiss your bride

I’m excited to see where our 10th year is going to take us. We’ve been through a lot this year so far and the Lord is preparing us for something amazing. I got your hand if you got mine. Happy anniversary, Jon boy. I love you.

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