Our little mini get away to celebrate our anniversary was this past weekend. It was so relaxing and fabulous. It was exactly what Jonathan and I needed to propel us into our next year together. Quite honestly, we didn’t do much. Other than some biking and beach walking, we basically did a lot of talking, soul searching, dreaming, and planning together. I’m excited.20170729_201906

but, honestly the real person i’d like to talk about here is this girl.

This is Ella…

Her and Geno spent the two days with Guck-ka (my mom) and Pap pap and Uncle Gabe. Of course they had loads of fun and were spoiled the whole time, but the moment Ella saw me she broke down crying. (which I totally called it). I don’t know why, id like to think she missed me SO much that they only way her little body could express it was with tears. Tears of joy and of relief. (I think)

Today she was nothing but a cuddle bug. which I don’t mind cause I didn’t have anything planned.  I love her so much.

I’m thankful she finally understand what it means when we say, “CHEESE!”

She has so much personality, spunk, sweetness in her little petite body I don’t know where she puts it. Her little antics inspire me to write a children’s book series titled, “This is Ella…” I get daily inspiration from her, she cracks me up.

I often get, “omg, she’s so happy! and so little” and I usually say “yeah….. *blink blink* “if you think she’s explosive in her happiness and joy. She’s also explosive in her other emotions like anger and sadness.”

so she’s well rounded.

The often used Shakespeare quote perfectly sums her up.

“Though she be but little, she is fierce!”

I think i’ll keep her.

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