Make something monday

probably the only day that gets put on the back burner on our summer schedule. mainly because its too much work at times.

but yesterday we made slime! 20170807_205643

thank God Geno wasn’t impressed.

cause I really do dislike stuff like that. I’m not a play dough person and slime is 100 times worse.

however this one was super simple to make. it mainly consists of El20170807_203526mer’s glue, baking soda, food coloring, and tiny bit of contact solution.

20170807_204250I might have panicked at one point when we dumped it out onto the table and it liquefied and stuck to it. I then figured out you gotta work it and kneed it until it becomes like slime consistency. I wasn’t impressed either. oh well, at least we crossed that off our ‘bucket lists’.

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