lazy summer days

I’ve been MIA lately mainly because my life isn’t always road trips, new shoes, or buffets full of food.

Ella cuddles.

Our life for the past few weeks has been lazy days in front of the Tv. Jonathan and I got to watch Sing finally, after multiple recommendations. I’ve only watched it twice, so I am assuming my kids aren’t into it.

School starts in 3 weeks, I’ve already got Geno’s bus schedule which put things in perspective for me.

1st grade- ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL DAY – brand NEW school building. (this building better be loaded, I think my tax dollars went to it. )

tiny little Geno in a secret place with nana and grand pap

Don’t get me wrong we’ve had two picnics back to back this past weekend so maybe that’s why I’ve been hiding. Being social takes a lot out of me, sometimes I get overwhelmed and need to retreat or I’m gonna loose it. My kids are the same way, if they don’t spend a day resting at home they aren’t nice people.

N-E ways, if you haven’t noticed I’ve changed the look of the blog. Trying to pick out the BEST possible layout (that’s free). let me know what you think of the new look like it? hate it? have a suggestion? let me know comment below.

ZZzzzZZZ…. time for a nap.

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