A “schedule power outage” had us getting up and getting out early one day this week. After dropping Dadee off we went to breakfast sitting down at the table here’s the conversation that ensued:

scenario- eat n park ran out of crayons.

Geno: “MOM, what am I gonna do without crayons?”

Me: “I don’t know bud, talk to me. Tell me about your aspirations, your dreams, what do you wish for?”

Geno: ” I wish I had some crayons…..”

I’m dying!!! I can’t make this stuff up, people.

This happened a little while later…

scenario- Ella is getting upset cause I did SOMETHING wrong so I’m fussing with her so she doesn’t make a scene.

in the background…. Geno: “mom. mom mom. MOM!” *facepalms* “this is why I don’t talk to you.”

YIKES! I just laughed and told him I WAS listening and heard every ‘mom’ he said, but really I don’t know where he gets it sometimes.

We ended up going to 5 below (my favorite store) then after getting some Starbucks and playing in the fake grassy area next to Barnes & Noble. 20170809_104531

Geno said, “mom take our picture!” and of course how can I say no. Ella is so good at saying cheese now and Geno’s facial expression crack me up. Both my children smile with their eyes. At times its hard to get a picture with their eyes looking like they are open. I like this picture nonetheless.

They are getting big.



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