Pastor’s whole sermon yesterday kept reminding me of a little testimony in Geno’s life.  Pastor Chris challenged us to think OUTSIDE our thoughts.   #InsideOut. (click there to hear more)

here’s the story that id like to share:

At one New Life’s encounter worship nights a while ago, I was stirred to stop worshipping and bend over and talk with Geno. I said to him, “Geno, mommy wants you to give me 3 mins of your time.” and he said okay so I proceeded to tell him that God can talk to anybody. Even little ones like Ella, in fact HE LOVES to do that, but we got to give Him our attention to do that and I told Geno, God wants to talk to you right now.

Geno looked some what eager, some what annoyed but like a good boy he was WILLING.

so I said, “I want you to close your eyes listen to the words of the song we are singing and think about Jesus. TELL Him how GOOD, GREAT AWESOME he is! and then I want you to stop and JUST listen cause He’s going to say something right back to you.”

so he did, I left him a lone for a few minutes and he turned to me when he was done and this was his response.

Geno said, “God told me

Ima good kid and don’t let anything hold you back”

boom! drop the mic.

you see how simple that is!? it wasn’t this great spiel that went on and on forever! it was short, very sweet and ON POINT! and it STILL BLEW MY MIND AWAY.

seriously it put a NUKE in my “box” and BLEW. IT. UP.


As Pastor continued I was reminded of how simple it is to hear from God. He can use an ever day object in the room to tell you how amazing YOU are. You don’t have to complicated it.

If you never heard from God before I challenge you to take a 3 mins of your time focus on God and then just listen.

expect Him to say how much he loves you and how he sent his son for you. heck, if all you hear is, “you’re a great kid and don’t let anything hold you back”

then that’s what you needed to hear and THAT’S God.


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