Happy birthday!

Well, its only fitting that I write a blog post dedicated to a few special people in my lives who were born on this day.

first my sister.  happy birthday. okay the end.

haha…just kidding!

Lately I’ve people have been looking at me and thinking that I am my sister. It’s not a shocker, we do look alike, and I’m not offended in any way maybe its because I lost some weight, which then, I’ve affectionately nicknamed her, “the skinny sister.” Anyways…. I actually take looking like my sister as a compliment. I always thought my sister was beautiful and I’ve always looked up to her. i’m not sure she’s knows, but me always taking her clothes and destroying her My Little Ponies was just a way of me saying I want to be like you.

Leigh has always been so independent, she always knew what she wanted and she didn’t take no crap from any one. She will tell you like it is. Most importantly she knows her worth.

it might come as a surprise to you, but my sister has a killer sense of humor. She tends to lean towards the introverted side of life, but once you get to know her… man! She’ll surprise you. Her one-liners, those zingers, she comes up with just make me jealous, like why didn’t I think of that!? Plus! She has a sensitive side that she tries to hide, for some reason, but I think that makes her even more amazing. She’s got a good eye for things too. shoes, clothes, home decor she always picks out things that look good. The real deal ladies and gentlemen- All this tied up in a little package named Leighanna.

Speaking of little packages…that bring me to my next person. This little girl right here.


MAN! she is one of a kind. Spunky, fierce, full of life and energy and its all packed into her tiny little body of hers.

I thought I knew what I was doing with this whole parenting gig but then she was born and she literally threw everything I knew out. the. window.

I tell people she is writing her own story, one that I don’t get the next chapter for until after she passes it.  She keeps me guessing and keeps me on my toes. I don’t know what God was thinking when he was forming her but apparently I needed someone like Ella in my life. She truly symbolizes a butterfly. Fluttering in the breeze never in one place for a long period of time. Dancing freely through life. Part of me wishes I came up with a different symbol for her, like a rock. steady and strong, stays in one place, it might have been easier on me as a mom. LOL

Eh anyways. here’s to MANY more years! Cheers!

Happy birthday, Leigh. Happy birthday Ella.

 I love you guys SO very much!

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