first what??

Something was different yesterday morning but I couldn’t put my paw on it. Everybody was up early walking around like something was about to happen.20170828_072823 They told me to sit for something they call a picture. I was suspicious, not to mention, I didn’t want to cause I was to busy investigation some smell over by that blade of grass.

After that we went inside to eat, well they ate, I sat hoping they’d share and then mom called “come on time to go!” I got excited cause I thought I was going somewhere too but really, we all just went outside again. Even more of a let down because they walked down to the part where i’m never allow to go and “like a good boy” I sat on my spot and watched. I watched as this big noisy thing came and picked the boy up and went away with him. 20170828_080745

I was a tad confused as if I never seen this before, but mom came back up without him and assured me he will be back later.

I tried to amuse myself with the other little thing that walks around. I like her. She feeds me my food out of the bowl. however she is quite noisy. she howls a lot. I don’t get why she’s allow to do it when I get yelled at every time I do it.  20170828_094352Anyways there’s so much you can do with her.  We do a little bit of running, a little bit of staring out the window and then she disappears for a long time and i’m left to do nothing. Sulk I guess. I get bored easily. Mom tries to help, I like it when she throws the ball cause she can get it very far, but with the boy I get to explore the woods! ooo..I like the woods. so many smells and things to roll in! We do our own thing but I like it when he’s with me every so often he gives me a pat. He doesn’t call for me right when I’m in the middle of something good, like mom and dad does. I like this boy. I think I’ll keep him and call him mine.



Fast forward to today….it happened again. I wonder if this is going to happen a lot. what am I going to do with myself. Maybe if I follow mom around the house all day She’ll take me somewhere fun??


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