the birds

my little boys birthday came and went yesterday. I’m so proud of him.


i’m relieved that the party I’ve been planning for months is now over. I do enjoy throwing parties especially themed ones, but they are a lot of work and i’m pooped.

I was trying to convinced my son that it is no longer summer and we are now into the fall season but after swimming yesterday at his grandparents house he had trouble believing me. (i’m having trouble believing myself)

maybe I shouldn’t rush things.

I should just enjoy the season we are in currently cause its seriously easier to do things when its nice outside. Once the weather gets colder and snowy I don’t want to leave my house.

watching the birds outside my window at the feeder I set up on my porch I’m reminded that if you look to nature and you have a keen eye you know when the seasons are changing. apart from the obvious, the leaves are changing, I think the birds are fattening up and gathering together to head down south.

I find it absolutely amazing that the birds know what to do when to do it, but they are never a lone in doing so cause God watches out for them too. (matthew 6:26) he makes sure they have just enough to get through the winter.

I take comfort in knowing that He cares for us EVEN more than the bids of the air. I mean, humans, created in his image chosen out of all the things he created to walk and talk and he chose us to house his spirit in- not some other animal. so why would he toss his most precious creation aside?

would you? I wouldn’t, no way.

when you are going through tough times I know its hard to believe that the God of the universe cares about you. I struggle at times too. You must remain diligent and on the look out for God sightings in your life.

look for the good cause God is good.

Even if all you can see good is, I got a parking spot closest to the doors at Walmart or green lights the whole way to work that’s a start.

We have free will and we chose how to react in every situation in life.




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