my story

so lately I’ve been thinking about my story.

My testimony.

A few weeks ago we had a special guest speaker at church and he said, among many other wonderful things, “your testimony is the most powerful thing you can share with someone.”

so it got me thinking what is my story? and then it got me depressed cause my story isn’t all that grand. Actually when I first thought about it I didn’t even know my story because nothing exciting ever happened to me. I’ve lived in the same area of Pittsburgh all my life never traveled out of the country, never won anything. nothing

Pastor’s sermon on Sunday, was about sharing your story and how yet again, it is the most valuable thing God has given us and how our story was never to be a one character story. He also said your story is never boring cause it has Jesus in it. Pastor’s sermon inspired me and had me look at my story in a whole different light.




My story begins at an early age. In Sunday School in Mrs. Mack’s class I asked Jesus to come live inside my heart. At. age. 5. I got baptized soon after and never looked back.

As a teen I got a long with most and had very close friends and very connected to the youth group and leaders.

At an Acquire the Fire convention  I felt the tangible love of God during worship and sobbed like a little baby. I finally make the decision to love God and follow after him for myself. You see, up until that point I was just going cause my parents made me.

I always knew God I always knew God was there. I believed in him and loved him, but from that moment on I understood what he did for me and I never wanted to be the same.

My view point as a teenager was, if you can do it. I can do. I picked out some people in my church who I thought were great examples and observed them and their lives. I thought if they can do it why can’t I do it? what’s holding me back?

As a teenager the number one thing I thought that holds them back is, fear. Disappointment. getting something wrong.

when it come to speaking in tongues, to giving encouraging words, to prophesying, worshiping, praying over some one, and so many other things-I watched, listened, and learned from those in my church. Of course I failed and got it wrong at times but I just knew it was a part of learning.

Now I’m an adult (i think) and I still attend the same church I got saved in. The people of New Life Fellowship are my family, they all watched me grow up, get married to some one with a very similar story, AND from the very same church. I serve in the children and youth ministry and my husband and I are raising my children at the very. same. church.

After listening to Pastor’s sermon I now see how my story might have a slow uneventful beginning, but the things God has been doing in my life now are exceedingly beyond the most exciting I’ve ever had the pleasure of being apart of.


whew! MAN! I’m done. Sweet baby Jesus, I need a moment to compose myself.

My story isn’t over, the good part is just beginning and the good new is, I’m still learning and watching and stepping out in faith. I’m excited to see what will happen next. where will God take me? what will He show me?

My story isn’t meant to look like yours and your story isn’t meant to look like mine. My story reaches other people your story can’t and your story touches other people that mine will never know. Don’t be afraid to share your story with the people you know. You never know who you can inspire by just sharing it.

what’s your story?

One thought on “my story”

  1. I am glad you are willing to share just a little about your life. I recently decided I would write out my testimony as a letter to my friends who don’t know Christ. You can check it out at


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