in preparing myself for tomorrow’s sermon.

wow that sounds like i’m the one who is going to be preaching..no. not me.

i know it sounds strange but id like to know a little bit about what i’m getting into BEFORE i get into it. helps me better understand what im about to learn a little better. Why not adventure into some study of Advent on my own?

anyways, tomorrow Advent- hope. i presume actually i don’t actually know what is going to be taught…

what is hope? google says “a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.” “a feelig of trust.”

okay- what is the opposite of hope?


presumption? if you will…

despair- the complete loss or absence of hope. synonyms: disheartenment, discouragment, desperation, distress, anguish, unhappiness…

hope is humble confidence that God wont give up on me. with hope comes MANY different things;

security (job 11:18)

confidence (psalm 25:3)

praise to God (psalm 17:14)

eternal value (proverbs 23:18)

strength (Isaiah 40:31)

goodness (lamentations 3:25)

joy (romans 12:12)

love (romans 5:5)

faith (hebrews 11:11)

It can be as tiny as an atom and still pack a powerful punch in the eye of despair. 

i get the feeling that hope is more than desiring for something to happen such as, “i hope its not going to rain tomorrow.” however, when i say “i hope its not going to rain tomorrow” the state of mind i get up into is almost that of a child staring out into the the backyard and pondering. an expectancy kinda like at Christmas when i wake up and see presents under the tree. will it rain? i dont know- i will have to wait and see……

of course hope in Jesus and during advent season is a bit different than not wanting it to rain, i guess what i’m trying to say is that  we use the word hope so casually in life. do we really understand what it means? my guess is probably not.

In all this preparation i’m still not sure if i fully gasp the concept of hope.

is hope tangable?  and you feel, touch, smell, see hope? *whew…sweet baby Jesus…*

yes- Sweet Jesus……Jesus.

We are the body of Christ- his hands and feet. we can pick any one of those above and be that towards another person and essentally give hope and bring some one out of despair.

i don’t know…do i gotta all wrong? i’m just thinking out loud…..

all i know is- i can place my HOPE in Jesus and i won’t be let down.

if you are in need of some hope I know of a great place to find some. i’ll save you a seat.

Check out the times and locations here!

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