Hi, My name is Diana Clark and this is my blog. It is a compilation of everything that happens in my amusing-beautiful life. I write how I feel and I write what I think.  The entries tend to be short, simple, and not too deep with added laughs and daily encouragement.FB_IMG_1496170816453

Oddly enough, I usually get my greatest stuff while I’m showering, but not all the time. My inspiration comes from my kids, husband, and God.

If you enjoy it please follow me, comment, and leave me some of your funny stories. If you tend to get crazy ideas while washing I’d love to know.

If you are in need of prayer, advice, or just some one on one personalized encouragement don’t heisted to email.


“what you think, you become.

what you feel, you attract.

what you imagine, you create”


One thought on “About”

  1. Hey Diana! Good to hear from you! Thanks for the follow at the Why Me? I migrated over to Weebly a few years ago so everything at that platform is more recent and (sometimes) current. Here’s the link: https://thereyougothinkingagain.weebly.com/ . I think it’s kind of interesting our blogs have similar names. I see you’re adding to the team. Congratulations, and I hope you and baby stay healthy for the journey and beyond! (And if this weirdly gets posted by my work WordPress account, it’s still me.)


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