God’s not dead

*warning VERY long blog post*

so on our way to Life Group the other night me and Geno had the most interesting conversation. it sprung from a conversation i had with another person about faith and God himself.

it went as followed.

Me: geno, I have a question to ask you.

Geno: okay….

Me: how do you know God is real? 

*he thought a little on every answer. He didn’t just say the first thing that came to his mind every time*

Geno: because I learn about Him. 

Me: you learn about him. well okay lets pretend i’m a friend and i’m asking you these question what would you say? —-How do you know that what you are learning is real?

Geno: because it is in the bible.

Me: the bible? how do you know the bible is real and not fiction? 

Geno: because the people in the bible were real people and they wrote stuff down. 

Me: okay, but how do know that what you are learning is truth and not some lies people are teaching you. 

Geno: because I praise him.

Me: you praise him? 

Geno: yeah, like when we worship that’s what I mean.

Me: well that’s something you do if you believe in something but how do you know?

Geno: God gave us Jesus. He died on the cross for our sins.

Me: OH! so you believe in Jesus. how do you know Jesus is real? like- You praise him and believe Jesus died in your place because you’ve…..fill in the blank

Geno: Hmm…i’m not sure

Me: well did you see something or feel something? like how do you know God. is. real?


Me: miracles? like what?

Geno: like food, water, and heat!

Me: well, doesn’t your mommy and daddy work hard to provide all those things?

Geno: yeah but like first God did, like I think it was just water and then everything else….

Me: oh so like you believe He created the whole world

Geno: yeah!

Me: okay so what would you say to me if I was your friend and I said, ” how do I believe in this Jesus too?”

Geno: You can come to my church and you say a prayer and ask Jesus into your heart.

Me: well can I do it? can you help me say the prayer?

Geno: kinda…I don’t know all the words.

Me: well can you just say the same prayer you said with your mommy or daddy? can you help me say what you remember?

Geno: yeah, i’ll try.

Me: so what do I do?

Geno: first you fold your hands…

Me: okay… 

Geno: okay “dear Jesus, (I repeated after him) come into my heart. I want to be a follower of you…..”ahhh….. I don’t know the rest

Me: (being mom) okay maybe say then- please forgive me of all the bad stuff I did and help me do better from this moment on!

*he repeated and then said amen*

Me: amen!

Geno: but there’s one other thing you gotta do.

Me: there is??

Geno: you gotta get baptized.

Me: baptized…whats that?

Geno: its went you become a new person.

Me: did you get baptized?

Geno: no not yet.

Me: well why?

Geno: because I’m kinda still thinking about it.

Me: well why do you want to?

Geno: because I want all the old me and all the ‘bad’ stuff washed away and I want to be a NEW ME!

Me: who do I ask about being baptized?

Geno: mommy I don’t know that one…

Me: okay well you probably should talk to Pastor tell him you want to be baptized and he’ll set a date for it. 


that’s basically when we pulled into the church. but I was totally astonished with the answers he was giving me. Mind you, he’s ONLY 7 so he never really answered my question of how he knows God is real.  the answer I didn’t really want to get was, “because you and daddy tell him he’s real” never once did he say anything like that during the conversation.

I suspect a few things….He knows that God is real but he can’t explain why beucase he has the mind of a 7 year old. He just knows. you know that, “I know that I know” feeling or He really hasn’t had any ‘experiences’ to really anchor his faith yet.

of course… HE’S ONLY SEVEN!!!!!

part of me was wondering if I should even be having this conversation with a 7 year old. but at the same time this is honestly a normal conversation I would have with him, even though he is little. I always challenge him in his faith and make him think about what God could be saying. He knows that its a safe place and a safe conversation because i’m not going to make him feel ashamed if he doesn’t have the answers or even if he doesn’t hear anything or see anything.

raw moment here:

Jonathan and I have seen our friends and youth in church grow up to become adults and fall away. what ever happened to “train up a child??”

We are left with wonder and questions… mainly we question why are we different than the rest. we have doubts just like anybody else. why do we still believe? I don’t want this to happen to Geno. I know there’s really nothing I CAN do. Its Geno’s choice and God’s the only one who can change hearts and minds.

maybe at certain points in life you need to stop and have this conversation with your kids. Don’t just assume they understand or even believe just because they are going to church every sunday or even their WHOLE lives!

always point to God first. yes- we work hard to put food on the table, but the Lord is the ultimate provider and I do believe that Geno understands that.

what do you think? let me know your thoughts. give me some encouragement!


2 hour delays

Winter months in PA bring 2 hour delays and school closing. needless to say my son is always thrilled. 

i don’t mind them. i enjoy being around my kiddos so him staying home isn’t a bad thing.

However, he gets use to not going to school or not going in early to the point where he got out of bed at his usual time only to come in and tell me, “mom, ahh…i’m to tired to go to school.”

and then goes downstairs.

PAH-HAHAHA …. he cracks me up.

its rare now a days that i have time in the mornings to do anything…at all. including drinking coffee in an actual coffee mug instead of a travel mug. so this is kinda nice. lol

i was just thinking how before probably last winter at the earliest, i was so nervous driving in the snow. i would white knuckle the steering wheel and pray that my employer would cancel work so i don’t have to drive in it. 

now i’m usual out in the middle of it and i could care less about whats on the road. i haven’t figured out what changed though, maybe its my age or experience?

  who knows, i have people depending on me so i feel the need to not let them down, thats the bottom line for me. so maybe that’s what keeps me going on snowy days?
anyways- i’m still in my pjs and my coffee needs refreshing. stay warm my friends!

my little boy

So this picture came up on my ‘on this day’ on Facebook and it sent me into a whirlwind of thoughts and emotions cause the tiny little baby staring into his Da74071_170708909605983_3348061_ndee’s eyes in this picture is having his 7th birthday THIS Sunday. (sept 24)

I know crazy right!? This one is probably one of my favorite pictures of them two. I can’t take the cuteness overload in this picture.


Geno is such a sweet caring young man. Generous in so many ways. Very clever. He’s so different than all the other kids his age.  it may come as a surprise to you cause it does to total random strangers when they ask him but he doesn’t like super heroes. lol his face when random strangers hold up a spider man mask or ask them what his favorite super hero is. He rolls his eyes so hard I can almost hear it, but he’s always polite and says I don’t really like super heroes.

however you bring up little pocket monsters you battle wKODAK Digital Still Cameraith and he’s all over it. Him and his eye doctor recently had a long conversation about Pokémon. It was hilarious to sit in the eye doctor office listening to them talk about Pokémon.

I think Geno likes the idea of a friend that lasts forever. Like Ash and Pikachu. A friend who sticks by you through thick and thin. Some one who loves you so much you can’t live without them. I think that type of thing speaks to his heart more than chasing bad guys and using super3807 powers.

At a recent tiger scout meeting when asked why he joined he said it was to make new friends. I thought that was pretty impressive. His father and I always thought he was a gatherer, someone who will bring people in0801131310a. Other kids seem to always want to be around him. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had parents come up to me and say, “so and so always talks about Geno.” meanwhile I don’t really hear about any of these other kids and I pray to God it was all good things. It usually is all good things.

I think that’s because they see something in Geno that they like. He leaves and impression.  I have no idea where he gets that. God made him that way for his glorious purpose. I cannot take any credit for his personality.

my job is to observe these amazing traits and help them grow.

I love how he’s so silly but yet he’s SO thoughtful. He amazes me more often than not with the things he says.

We often have to remind ourselves he’s only a kid.



OMG my baby is going to be SEVEN!!!


seriously folks, don’t blink. I feel like next time I do he’s going to be graduating.


first what??

Something was different yesterday morning but I couldn’t put my paw on it. Everybody was up early walking around like something was about to happen.20170828_072823 They told me to sit for something they call a picture. I was suspicious, not to mention, I didn’t want to cause I was to busy investigation some smell over by that blade of grass.

After that we went inside to eat, well they ate, I sat hoping they’d share and then mom called “come on time to go!” I got excited cause I thought I was going somewhere too but really, we all just went outside again. Even more of a let down because they walked down to the part where i’m never allow to go and “like a good boy” I sat on my spot and watched. I watched as this big noisy thing came and picked the boy up and went away with him. 20170828_080745

I was a tad confused as if I never seen this before, but mom came back up without him and assured me he will be back later.

I tried to amuse myself with the other little thing that walks around. I like her. She feeds me my food out of the bowl. however she is quite noisy. she howls a lot. I don’t get why she’s allow to do it when I get yelled at every time I do it.  20170828_094352Anyways there’s so much you can do with her.  We do a little bit of running, a little bit of staring out the window and then she disappears for a long time and i’m left to do nothing. Sulk I guess. I get bored easily. Mom tries to help, I like it when she throws the ball cause she can get it very far, but with the boy I get to explore the woods! ooo..I like the woods. so many smells and things to roll in! We do our own thing but I like it when he’s with me every so often he gives me a pat. He doesn’t call for me right when I’m in the middle of something good, like mom and dad does. I like this boy. I think I’ll keep him and call him mine.



Fast forward to today….it happened again. I wonder if this is going to happen a lot. what am I going to do with myself. Maybe if I follow mom around the house all day She’ll take me somewhere fun??



A “schedule power outage” had us getting up and getting out early one day this week. After dropping Dadee off we went to breakfast sitting down at the table here’s the conversation that ensued:

scenario- eat n park ran out of crayons.

Geno: “MOM, what am I gonna do without crayons?”

Me: “I don’t know bud, talk to me. Tell me about your aspirations, your dreams, what do you wish for?”

Geno: ” I wish I had some crayons…..”

I’m dying!!! I can’t make this stuff up, people.

This happened a little while later…

scenario- Ella is getting upset cause I did SOMETHING wrong so I’m fussing with her so she doesn’t make a scene.

in the background…. Geno: “mom. mom mom. MOM!” *facepalms* “this is why I don’t talk to you.”

YIKES! I just laughed and told him I WAS listening and heard every ‘mom’ he said, but really I don’t know where he gets it sometimes.

We ended up going to 5 below (my favorite store) then after getting some Starbucks and playing in the fake grassy area next to Barnes & Noble. 20170809_104531

Geno said, “mom take our picture!” and of course how can I say no. Ella is so good at saying cheese now and Geno’s facial expression crack me up. Both my children smile with their eyes. At times its hard to get a picture with their eyes looking like they are open. I like this picture nonetheless.

They are getting big.