growing up

Isn’t it amazing that the moment your child’s birthday rolls around how they suddenly look, and act so much older and in an instant you’re left with the all to familiar saying, “where’d my baby go?” or “slow down!”

With my youngest I feel like I blinked and she’s now two (or will be two on Friday). My almost 7 year old well, I feel like he’s been around FOR- E V E R, nevertheless, I cherish his 7 little turns of the earth.

A Starbucks date got me thinking of all this. However a few gut busting merry go round’s around the table later and I get a glimpse of the precious babies that my memories hold dear.

Why? why, as mother’s do we want to cling onto the ‘baby’ part of our children’s lives?

Even for someone like me who has taught her children from a very early age to be self sufficient and dependent. Why do all my memories cling to the infant stage? 3 is my favorite age and 4 is even better and I LOVE seeing little ones put two and two together and learn something for the first time. I love the stories they share and what they find to be funny.

I have a buddy, Levi, he’s the greatest story teller and watching his face light up when he FINALLY gets to the good part there are no words in my book to describe!

ahhhhhhhhhhhh…..*sighs* and *smiles*

I’m just thinking of how my kids have a serious sparkle in their eyes. When they look up at me there’s so much adventure, mystery, and unspeakable joy pouring out. At times I think they glow, there’s so much sparkle, so much wonder in them.

wonder (n) : “a feeling of surprise mingled with admiration, caused by something beautiful, unexpected, unfamiliar, or inexplicable.”





big brothers rock!

So Geno was away for a couple of days in Erie with the grandparents. He had SO much fun, many fun filled adventures.

Back at the ranch, we missed him. well, I MISSED him. A LOT. Ella who is usually footloose and fancy free became my shadow and I’ve never heard my name so many times in one minute before…..EVER!

“mum. mum. mum. mum. mum. mum. mum.”

I never really realized how much Geno actually helps me by just being present. Now I see that when he’s home, she’s his shadow. The great thing about that is, he never complains. I feel lucky.

It has given me a glimpse into what this school year is going to be like when Geno is gone the whole day. Now that I see what she’s going to be like it I can already be prepared and I will gladly take this opportunity to get one on one with her.


Some mommy and me time will be good for Ella. I look forward to it.


We will be working on:

  1. verbal skills
  2. potty training