Snow days

oh to be like Marshall and have zoomies through life- to have a frisbee in your face and to not worry about crashing into a tree…..
seriously though,  my dog is a goof, he LOVES the snow and loves to herd sleds.

The recent snow storm dumped about 6 inches of the white stuff on top of the layer of ice. This was a day after we had 60 degree weather and then record breaking subzero tempts the week before. (i might be exaggerating a little on the subzero)

CRAZY…I know… (but we are use to it)

We love the snow. Sled ridding was always a favorite past time of mine and Geno enjoys it too.

Ella..not so much… but she doesn’t like going down slides at the park either. She is very content staying on solid ground walking around the paths I shoveled through the snow like road ways, on the patio. She also likes to take a badminton racket and sift the snow. 20180113_122721

Geno is very good at maneuvering his sled down our yard. He starts at some point in the woods and makes it past the trees to the driveway.

I am impressed cause i’m certain that id either

1. bail out half way.

2. crash into something or someone.


I use to play out in the snow forever as a kid. the snow for some reason makes you feel invincible. like you can just jump and dive on it and not get hurt. but if you tried doing that without snow it will hurt. I always found that interesting. that’s exactly what geno did when we first went out. He just jumped and dived right into it without batting an eye. (mind you its only 6 inches, not 6 feet) 20180113_122715 man oh man though, my mom would always have hot water boiling for me so I can get some hot chocolate. Me and my sister would take bread and dip it in our hot chocolates. any one else do this?

unfortunately, my son doesn’t like chocolate milk so he wouldn’t like hot chocolate, but he does enjoy warm milk which I gladly put in a coffee mug its almost the same. right?


one thing I dislike about the snow is the fact that we are basically snowed in until some one comes and digs us out.

our driveway is a steep but short hill. enough to cause panic when sliding down it onto a busy road or not being able to get back up it after you’ve slid. down. said. driveway.

we make due. you know you have to. the world doesn’t stop when you have issues like that. you deal with it. You learn to cope.

I’ve gotten pretty good at timing the traffic and WEEEEEE! AWAY WE GO! that was the easy part.

I’ve also gotten good at knowing where to salt and shovel (when i’m on my own) on the driveway to get the right traction to take a running start and gunning it to the top!

ahh….fun times.. fun times..



pumpkin land spoils

family pumpkins

This is about as much participate in Halloween as we get in our family. We don’t trick-or-treat even though I, myself, as a middle-schooler have gone out a few times. I don’t see a good reason to. i’m not a once a year treat mom. My kids get candy when they ask, which isn’t often, (thankfully) so its not about the candy as some might say. My kids don’t really like dressing up and can do so ANY  time of the year so its not about that either. We live off a main road so driving to a near by neighborhood defeats the purpose. We never get trick-or-treaters for me to pass out candy, which I have done at my sister’s a few times.


I did, grow up as a kid Geno’s age, just knowing we don’t ‘celebrate’ Halloween, for the sheer simple fact its not a nice holiday. It has turned into lets scare the crap out of each other and hang dead body’s from our trees, not something I want to walk around exposing my kids to. That’s just me and that’s okay! My kids rather spend Oct 31st at Chuck E cheese anyways!!!! WOO!

My nieces and nephews and kids in my life burst at the seams with excitement when they stand and  tell me what costume they pick out and I’m so excited for them! I do like hearing who they picked out. It usually represents apart if their personality or what they are currently into. Its apart of their life and they enjoy it, and because I love them all so much, I get excited with them and share that moment with them.


anyways I AM STOKED about my pumpkins this year!


Geno designed his pumpkin off of the paint program (on the computer) I printed it out and he cleaned it and carved it and everything himself! He also picked out a pumpkin for his “stuffed animal buddy” Charmander- hence the pumpkin with Charmander.


Every thing else I printed pictures off the internet (pinterest) and carved away!  how I did it was, I taped the pattern onto my pumpkin, poked little holes long the outside for an outline and then used a little carving knife from one of those kits and cut away what I didn’t want.



Its an art form and I was thinking yesterday, pumpkin carving is as unique as you are and unlimited, seriously you can carve anything into a pumpkin, just think it through cause there were times where I had to stop and be like, “wait…how’s this going to go?”


Geno so enjoyed it this year, which was a total 180 from last year when I carved the pumpkins BY MYSELF cause he didn’t want to touch the pumpkin guts. He’s going up and I’ll take it!

He couldnt wait to pick the right pumpkin out at pumpkin land so he can turn it into his creation. Ella didnt quite grasp the concept, however she did touch every single pumpkin in pumpkin land before we left. I ended up handing her a small pumpkin which she adopted before we waved and kissed goodbye to pumpkin land.

So many happy memories and I feel that’s what it is ultimately about.

Nothing else.