when love came down

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY from pikachu! 

i’ve been kinda amiss lately and i have a very good excuse (not that i need to give you one) but work has taken 90% of my time lately and the rest of it obvisously goes to my family so writing blog updates goes to the way side. however- in the bussiness of life i never stop thinking and i never stop learning. 

in lue of happy heart’s day, where some see it as a halmart holiday, i chose to spread love where it needs it.  Jonboy and i recently did something very unconvental to show someone we love, oh so dearly, how much she was loved and it left some scratching their heads. Now i’m not going to go into details because thats not the point and also i don’t feel the need to explain myself because in the end Jonathan and i accomplished what we set our hearts out to do but i was thinking….. 

 Jesus often did things unconventally. He regularly baffled and confused society. He wasn’t ashamed of doing so.  if it affected one heart, if it spread the good news so others can see the joy,he did it! he always goes after the one. and it wont ever leave you the same.

i’ll take my cues from Him. The best Valentine’s day gift of all. 
anyways those flowers in the picture above are from my little boy. he was out with his dadee and asked if he could get flowers for his momma.(he is so good to me).

pan handle trail

love should always be in their air- you never know who’s watching.

family times

I’ve had a lot of down time lately. its nice when the holidays roll around and you’ve got no work or school. 20171225_230309

Jonathan and i had plans to just basically do nothing. go no where. and just simply be at home with the kids.

we don’t ever get that any more we’re always anywhere but home and usually the kids are  bounced from one house to another. i feel that’s just not good for kids to be rushed about all the time.

one night we made pizza. on a whim i was like lets make pizza with the kids. turned out to be a lot of fun and my picky kids, kinda-sorta ate the pizzas they made.

they mostly ate while we were constructing our pizzas.

As a mom i try to make memories with my kids. in this fast paced world we live in things are a lot different than when i was a kid (that wasn’t that long ago). i don’t feel like my parents rushed about or even had to TRY and put memories down in the book.

maybe i am forcing it…. but yet again so many things take our attention even when we are at home, no one is really doing things together any more.

This year Jonathan and i plan on creating some good habits. some Godly habits too.

our family focus for this year is Stewardship. (more in-depth on that later) that encompasses practically everything we want to get better at and take better care of.





our bodies and minds (health)


Happy Thanksgiving y’all!


I have so much to be thankful for, even though this year has been probably the hardest ever, for us.

I do try to wrap my brain around what it actually means to be thankful.

Gratitude is a noun.  It describes the state of feeling appreciative for a kindness which has been granted or given, and (very often) of wanting to give something in return. There’s no verb form of gratitude.  The act of showing it (adjective = to be grateful)—or, in other words, the verb meaning ”to show gratitude”—is to thank.

There is a little church in my area that has a saying outside on their sign that says,

“Gratitude turns what we have into enough.”

I read it every time we go past trying to grasp what that would look like living it out. In this day an age, people are always wanting more, wanting new, wanting the NEXT best thing. Its hard not to get sucked into that frame of mind. And trying to teach little minds that when you yourself is trying to learn makes it a tad bit more challenging.

Anyways, I am grateful for everything that has been given to me.

I cooked this year and it was probably one of my best Thanksgiving dinners to-date! I don’t get to cook Thanksgiving dinner often because I have family on both sides that beg for our company every year. This year was simply SO good, fun filled, peaceful (no joke), headache filled (yes- I said that), I can just tell that memories were made with my kids that they won’t forget.

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we did so much in such short little time. We put up our Christmas decorations which proved to be MORE challenging than previous years. My daughter has been a little ball of independent terror tornado and it comes in the form of climbing on things to get what she wants, climbing OUT of things **ahem** her crib, and drawing on things that don’t include paper. I don’t know what I’m going to do with her. that’s for another post, I guess.

Jonathan took Geno out scouting for opening day on Monday. that’s exciting! Geno isn’t ready to go riffle hunting yet, but he gets to spend time with his dad and time is a precious thing right now in our busy lives. I am SO grateful that Geno still have a few more days off of school to enjoy some more of this wonderful holiday break.

I have loads more pictures to upload, but I’ll save them for later. For now I’ll leave you with this one.



my weekend in a nut shell. (photos cred. my sister and my aunt)

typing this from my phone as I lay bundled in sweatpants, alpaca hair sweater -with hood, and a blanket. needless to say I’m not feeling well, but a mom’s job never ends just cause their sick. however doing the bare-min while under the weather or blanekts in my case, is perfectly fine.

my thought process as a mom is: I gotta clean up, I gotta do laundry. yes I do. it’s part of my job but there is a wonderful balance I like to lean towards on days like this

thing like cleaning up the pile of hand me down shoes in the hall and the deck of cards in the den those can be set aside and I’ll get to them later… no one will die if I don’t clean up now and I’m sure my family was clothed when they left the house so laundry isn’t a necessity currently.

things like making sure the children have food and water, along with the dog, and changing diapers, taking the dog out… those are important.  spending time with ella is also important luckly i can either lay on the couch or on the floor with her as we play….not what i have in mind to rest but you gotta do what you gotta do.

I’m thankful nap time rolls around and I have have sleep on the agenda. i cant get better to take care of everything, if i don’t take care of myself first. I’m also thankful for 5:35 when the husband walks through the door.

getting him to pick up chicken from giant eagle and fries he can throw in the oven is 100% okay.  in fact it’s our favorite- we don’t do often. so it’s a treat! plates of ranch and ketchup smiles brighten my day as I pull myself from the couch to eat.

prayers from my kids as I ask them to pray over me also lifts my spirits as I had both geno and Ella do that. geno likes to cuddle and wrap his arms around me as he talks to God on my behalf and Ella herself curled up in my arms and mumbled something only God understands right now.


good night! …..zZZZZZzzzzzzz…..

growing up

Isn’t it amazing that the moment your child’s birthday rolls around how they suddenly look, and act so much older and in an instant you’re left with the all to familiar saying, “where’d my baby go?” or “slow down!”

With my youngest I feel like I blinked and she’s now two (or will be two on Friday). My almost 7 year old well, I feel like he’s been around FOR- E V E R, nevertheless, I cherish his 7 little turns of the earth.

A Starbucks date got me thinking of all this. However a few gut busting merry go round’s around the table later and I get a glimpse of the precious babies that my memories hold dear.

Why? why, as mother’s do we want to cling onto the ‘baby’ part of our children’s lives?

Even for someone like me who has taught her children from a very early age to be self sufficient and dependent. Why do all my memories cling to the infant stage? 3 is my favorite age and 4 is even better and I LOVE seeing little ones put two and two together and learn something for the first time. I love the stories they share and what they find to be funny.

I have a buddy, Levi, he’s the greatest story teller and watching his face light up when he FINALLY gets to the good part there are no words in my book to describe!

ahhhhhhhhhhhh…..*sighs* and *smiles*

I’m just thinking of how my kids have a serious sparkle in their eyes. When they look up at me there’s so much adventure, mystery, and unspeakable joy pouring out. At times I think they glow, there’s so much sparkle, so much wonder in them.

wonder (n) : “a feeling of surprise mingled with admiration, caused by something beautiful, unexpected, unfamiliar, or inexplicable.”