my weekend in a nut shell. (photos cred. my sister and my aunt)

typing this from my phone as I lay bundled in sweatpants, alpaca hair sweater -with hood, and a blanket. needless to say I’m not feeling well, but a mom’s job never ends just cause their sick. however doing the bare-min while under the weather or blanekts in my case, is perfectly fine.

my thought process as a mom is: I gotta clean up, I gotta do laundry. yes I do. it’s part of my job but there is a wonderful balance I like to lean towards on days like this

thing like cleaning up the pile of hand me down shoes in the hall and the deck of cards in the den those can be set aside and I’ll get to them later… no one will die if I don’t clean up now and I’m sure my family was clothed when they left the house so laundry isn’t a necessity currently.

things like making sure the children have food and water, along with the dog, and changing diapers, taking the dog out… those are important.  spending time with ella is also important luckly i can either lay on the couch or on the floor with her as we play….not what i have in mind to rest but you gotta do what you gotta do.

I’m thankful nap time rolls around and I have have sleep on the agenda. i cant get better to take care of everything, if i don’t take care of myself first. I’m also thankful for 5:35 when the husband walks through the door.

getting him to pick up chicken from giant eagle and fries he can throw in the oven is 100% okay.  in fact it’s our favorite- we don’t do often. so it’s a treat! plates of ranch and ketchup smiles brighten my day as I pull myself from the couch to eat.

prayers from my kids as I ask them to pray over me also lifts my spirits as I had both geno and Ella do that. geno likes to cuddle and wrap his arms around me as he talks to God on my behalf and Ella herself curled up in my arms and mumbled something only God understands right now.


good night! …..zZZZZZzzzzzzz…..