seasons come seasons go

a lot has happened since the last time i wrote something. I’ve just been busy with family, busy being a mom, which is my calling in life and busy with work.

i haven’t really had time nor the desire to sit at the computer or have my face dug in social media. My facebook page has been kinda scarce so has my Instagram and this blog.

baby number 3

of course with hockey play offs in full swing we let this out of the bag. of course we couldn’t keep it a secret much longer. i show usually early and my morning sickness is the worst. i take it in stride and do what i can when i’m not feeling like i have to throw up. my house is a disaster and usually we have canned soup or sandwiches for dinner. it will pass and my energy level will be through the roof! much to the chagrin of my husband who will no doubt have lovely projects to do for the new baby.

We’ve been through  ALOT in these few short months mainly not having a mode of transportation AT ALL. and i’m so thankful for my husband and i’m even MORE thankful for a God that has carried us through and hasn’t let us drown.

i’m not sure if I’ve talked about this before but i keep thinking about seasons and how sometimes you go through things for you to learn things that will carry you through the next season of life.

Pittsburgh weather is cold and snowing for SPRING. we had a few short days of very NICE weather and then it snowed the next day. People around here are dying for some weather that at least resembles spring.

I’ve decided to just ride this out. honestly we have no choice in the matter so no use complaining about it. i also know that summer WILL come. just not right now.

when life gives you 40 degree weather blow bubbles inside.

preferably on a sheet you can fold up and wash.


when life gives you a snow covered patio- create a chalkboard wall and bring the chalk inside.

well that’s about all i can do for now. back to my couch. (blaaaaaaaah)

totally randomness

My bird feeder is empty but the birds still come back expecting there be seeds in it. They search through the open shells in hopes to find one seed they can take back. I think they come cause they know it was at one time a place where they could find food.

I have no idea why I said that… maybe it has some meaning behind it maybe it was just something I observe this morning. who knows…

I’ve been thinking about a few things in no order of importance:

  1. I hate this weather. which if you know me you know I dislike snow even more so, but I’m ready to move on. I’m for something new
  2. Jonathan and I have embarked on a new journey as Den Leaders for Geno cub scouts. We are the TIGERS! Jonathan is all in his glory and watching him teach the little cubs what he remembers in the same building that dons his and his brothers’ artwork STILL when they were in cub/boy scouts is something to be in awe about. I’m the den mother.. (Teehee) anyways I’ve been thinking of ways to teach them the scout law and oath and all the harder parts to earn their Bobcat badges. there are 12 points to the scout law and some are BIG words for 1st graders to say let alone remember. my brain is working endlessly cause I want every cub to earn their badge.
  3. Geno and I got to go to the Pens game recently. SO much fun! they lost terribly…hence the expressions on our faces…20170930_182649 thank goodness it was preseason and doesn’t matter. I was pretty proud of myself for driving downtown finding a parking garage and all that jazz with out the help of Jonathan I may add. I would have never done that last year. So I’ve grown so much and learned so much in the past 10 months. I’m not the same person I once was and that’s a good thing.

we’ve been trying desperately for a few years now to get Geno’s hat signed by none other than Geno #71(Evgeni Malkin). 2 Stanley cup parades, countless games, a few photos on the pen’s blog and paper. it hasn’t happened yet. the man at the game who took our ticket said to us, “Don’t stop trying! Don’t give up! You never know when your lucky day will come”  of course we won’t our day will come.

4. I recently started learning how to play piano. In the most broadest sense. I wanted to learn just for myself. I wanted to stretch myself a little and I thought the best place to learn was going to worship practice, Jonathan is already there cause he plays bass I might as well come too? yah? my goal was to learn to play songs and have them not sound completely terrible. I basically had one lesson, watched others play like 4 times, practiced endless amounts of hours at home and I found myself standing on stage for worship playing with the worship team last Sunday. I was blown away. what an honor! it was the best experience ever. and I am eager to do it more. However, I hesitate, not because I was nervous or scared (even though I was)

(raw moment right here) I hesitate cause I never saw myself playing on the worship team as a keyboard player. yes I was on the worship team as a singer years ago, but that’s easy-peasy. I am VERY much a worshiper. I love to worship and sing and dance so the pieces all fit. why wouldn’t I join?  Well, just because its good and most of the pieces all fit doesn’t mean its what’s BEST. Everything thing in me says YES! JOIN! but I guess there’s another little part of me that says lets pray and seek and find out if this is where God wants me.

its not at all bad to be on the worship team, no! but for my story maybe there’s some place BETTER God wants me to be. I want that instead. if God say yes! worship team it is then YAY!!! I will dive in whole heartedly but if he says no I got something better than so be it. we shall see what he says. I do not have an answer as of yet. maybe I’m thinking to hard about this I don’t know but I don’t want to rush into anything without giving it any time in prayer or any thought. 



well that’s enough of that.

if you think about me through the day pray for me. better yet! if you have anything I CAN pray with you about just let me know, I’d be happy to stand with you in prayer.

the birds

my little boys birthday came and went yesterday. I’m so proud of him.


i’m relieved that the party I’ve been planning for months is now over. I do enjoy throwing parties especially themed ones, but they are a lot of work and i’m pooped.

I was trying to convinced my son that it is no longer summer and we are now into the fall season but after swimming yesterday at his grandparents house he had trouble believing me. (i’m having trouble believing myself)

maybe I shouldn’t rush things.

I should just enjoy the season we are in currently cause its seriously easier to do things when its nice outside. Once the weather gets colder and snowy I don’t want to leave my house.

watching the birds outside my window at the feeder I set up on my porch I’m reminded that if you look to nature and you have a keen eye you know when the seasons are changing. apart from the obvious, the leaves are changing, I think the birds are fattening up and gathering together to head down south.

I find it absolutely amazing that the birds know what to do when to do it, but they are never a lone in doing so cause God watches out for them too. (matthew 6:26) he makes sure they have just enough to get through the winter.

I take comfort in knowing that He cares for us EVEN more than the bids of the air. I mean, humans, created in his image chosen out of all the things he created to walk and talk and he chose us to house his spirit in- not some other animal. so why would he toss his most precious creation aside?

would you? I wouldn’t, no way.

when you are going through tough times I know its hard to believe that the God of the universe cares about you. I struggle at times too. You must remain diligent and on the look out for God sightings in your life.

look for the good cause God is good.

Even if all you can see good is, I got a parking spot closest to the doors at Walmart or green lights the whole way to work that’s a start.

We have free will and we chose how to react in every situation in life.