new things come

Starting new habits will always looks differently for every one and the good thing about this is you don’t have to wait for a specific time or a place to try something new or better yourself. you can start right now in this very moment. I urge you TO try something new and make it a part of your every routine.

a few things id like you to remember when trying something new or even try bettering yourself:

  1. Don’t do it alone- find some one who will encourage you and push you in all the good ways to achieving your goals.
  2. speaking of goals…. set yourself attainable goals.
  3. Know before hand that it is very likely that you might mess things up. We are not perfect and we don’t do things right always. In fact its easier to do the wrong thing that it is to do the right thing. which brings me to number 4.
  4. get back in the saddle, get back on the bike, or  get back in your corner- you chose but which ever way it comes just get back at it and try again.

for me one thing that is so very important is to know that I cannot do it in my own strength. I need God’s perfect beautiful grace to carry me through. I need HIS strength to lift me when I’m tried.

Even going through the shifts of new seasons and trying to figure out my purpose do I needs His wisdom and strength and remembering that it call works together for the good.


I heard something on the radio about prayer the other day. It was about prayer and how if you needed an answer, or advice on something most Christians turned to 3 things.

  1. people- if you needed advice on what to do Christians turned to those closest to them.

that’s okay i thought, God places people in our lives full of wisdom for a reason. but we turned to them first instead of God?

now the next is what stocked me.

2. social media

3.  prayer.

social media ranked just a tab bit higher than prayer. what???? this seemed wrong to me. very wrong. to me it was like we were putting social media on the same level that God.

GOD! the all knowing, all powerful, creature of the universe!

it got me thinking a lot about prayer. Now I pray. I know how powerful it is and I know how important it is to a Christian’s relationship with God. I know it works, but sometimes I have trouble committing time out of my day to pray over things and seek God.

I’ve always prayed through out the day. Usually when some one or something pops into my head without reason I take that as the holy spirit prompting me to pray. And of course I always pray when I  don’t know what to do or need a miracle. but daily committed prayer I’ve always struggled with. So I was challenged to pray for 30 days.

30 days of set aside time in my morning to pray. my goal is to make it a habit. something done for 28 days or so, I heard, can lead to it being a habit and that’s what I want.

During my prayer time I simply intend to just seek God. Let him pour his wisdom into me and to let Him share his secrets with me.

During this morning’s prayer time I’m already encouraged and empowered to go about my day.  How awesome is that!? I haven’t painted in a long time my favorite medium to work with is pastels and chalk. i love to get my hands dirty and20171012_105943 blend the colors together to soften the edges. i worked with water color pencils which i am experimenting with. so what i did today was a mixture of both.

i’m no artist by stretch of the imagination, haha in fact most of my works you HAVE to stretch your imagination to see what i was trying to do.

i don’t have any deep meaning behind what God was showing me but i can explain the picture for ya.

I saw a bunch of arms stretched upward and in the middle of each hand I saw these globes, bright and warm. kind of like little balls of fire. Nice fire, not crazy wild things. everything was peaceful and cozy. the arms were almost flower like. all displayed like a field of wild flowers, which i love. There! simple as that.


if you want to challenge yourself join me in my 30 days of committed prayer and make God #1 on your list.