the road beyond

from the look of things it seems like i talk a lot about change and seasons in life and trying something new. my last two entries reflect on such things.

honestly because with the upcoming new baby, one in which we will find out the gender on friday, is a MAJOR change in our family. My husband and i will officially be out number. Even that doesnt scare me, i’ve taken care of a classroom of 12, 3-4 year olds, ones who i didn’t give birth to.

but i am winding down my time as a working mom and soon i will be yet again a SAHM. there was a time in our lives when we made the decision for me to go out and earn money for the family and God has been so faithful to bless us in our decision. Literaly blessing us at every turn and choice we made. i’ve learned so many GOOD lessons and it has shaped me i will never forget my time as a working mom. my clients are sad to see me go, it is very bitter-sweet.

however like i’ve been writing about change is coming. i’m not new to being a stay at home mom in fact, its where i thrive. Having 3 kids is going to be a fulltime job. gosh, having just 1 kid is a full time job. 3 kids under the age of 7 isn’t SO bad, it could be worse.

after some soul searching and praying, my heart right now is just longing to be at home and to be a wife and a mother and have that be my only responsibility. since i’ve started working my homemaking jobs have been a little neglected. i want to get back to that and i want to work on stuff around my home and sit down and teach and play with my kiddos.

i do believe that everything that i have learned through working and basically running my own business will not be in vain and will propel me into this next phase and just make me even better as a mom, wife, and home maker.

with all this excitement does come a little fear, of course, fear of the unknown is sometimes a little daunting. in all that is practical the money wont be there, but just as God was faithful to bless us in every step of the way in working. God will be faithful in every step of the way in NOT working. We will take that leap of faith and trust in him.

through this process we’ve learned to budget, we’ve learned to save and save some MORE, we’ve learned what is most important to us, and we’ve MOST importantly learned to rest in God and not stress over what the road will look like when we cant see it fully.

So here’s to next chapters!

Cheers to working and SAHM!

A big round of applause to The One who deserves all the glory and thanks!

2 hour delays

Winter months in PA bring 2 hour delays and school closing. needless to say my son is always thrilled. 

i don’t mind them. i enjoy being around my kiddos so him staying home isn’t a bad thing.

However, he gets use to not going to school or not going in early to the point where he got out of bed at his usual time only to come in and tell me, “mom, ahh…i’m to tired to go to school.”

and then goes downstairs.

PAH-HAHAHA …. he cracks me up.

its rare now a days that i have time in the mornings to do anything…at all. including drinking coffee in an actual coffee mug instead of a travel mug. so this is kinda nice. lol

i was just thinking how before probably last winter at the earliest, i was so nervous driving in the snow. i would white knuckle the steering wheel and pray that my employer would cancel work so i don’t have to drive in it. 

now i’m usual out in the middle of it and i could care less about whats on the road. i haven’t figured out what changed though, maybe its my age or experience?

  who knows, i have people depending on me so i feel the need to not let them down, thats the bottom line for me. so maybe that’s what keeps me going on snowy days?
anyways- i’m still in my pjs and my coffee needs refreshing. stay warm my friends!

Dreams and work go hand in hand

You know… when I look at how I can easily I can miss a whole week or only blog once in 3 weeks I wonder if I was thinking about things. cause you know that’s ‘theme’ of this whole blog is thinking- its about showering too but I promise you I’ve done that part.

right now I am thinking, “of course I thought about things! one doesn’t go through everyday without THINKING!?” right?

one can OVER think things and I do that a lot and it gets me into trouble.

We’ve been busy. We’ve been trying to be intentional about getting things done around the house and setting aside time to be a family. its hard to balance everything you need to do when you have young kids, but you make it work.

  1. We’ve done some stuff to the outside. I’ve been sitting on plans and designs for years now but we’ve never done anything with them until now. its looking great!
  2. Geno join cub scouts and oh boy is he excited. Dadee is also excited
  3. sickness- between me and ella. lets hope it stays between us and leaves quickly.

Sometimes you can get lost in the humdrum of every day wondering what you did with yourself all day. I feel as if you let that happen its just a start to a downward spiral into depression. Making an effort to make every day stand out and not blur together has been something on my mind, I guess.

I keep thinking…every day should be like getting a brand new puppy. My aunt recently just got one and I remember Marshall’s puppy days. But with a pupp

Layla. She’ll grow into those ears.

y every day comes with new territory. new things to smell- see- taste. New headaches….lol  and learning new personalities. i’m sure my aunt and her new pup are learning and studying each other every day.

With a new puppy comes excitement and hopes and dreams! when you get a puppy you think of all the FUN things you are going to do with it. then reality hits you. cause a puppy is a lot of work and you can’t see any dreams or hopes come to fruition without putting any effort into it first.

Chase your own hearts desires and don’t worry about what other people say is something I tell myself a lot.

cause I do think about what others may think because I value the opinions of others. I don’t have all the answers in life so I look to those who are wiser than me for advice. My view of the world is limited to what i see through my own eyes and there might be something i missed if I’m just leaning on my eyes alone.  but with everything there is a fine line you walk when doing this and I’m learning to not be shaken if their opinion of what I do doesn’t match up with my own. Taking their thoughts into consideration and then adding it to my own or shelving it.

take the good stuff you can grow from and leave the negative stuff that is only meant to imprison you and bring you down. be free.

that reminds me of what the Lord spoke to me a while ago. He said, “Wild thang…you make my heart sang…” laughing cause I know its a song, but in Zephaniah it says he rejoices over us with singing.

a great thought. it makes me smile.

N-E ways…i’m out of coffee til next time!